Ticket Printing

Ticket Central can design and print tickets for organizations wishing to handle their own ticket sales.

To request this service, you must meet with the director of Ticket Central. Contact 919.515.1100 or email Ticket Central to set up a meeting.

What to bring to your meeting

In order for Ticket Central to create tickets for your event, you must meet with the director at least one week prior to your event.

You should bring the following information with you to your meeting:

  • Date and time of event
  • Location
  • Number of tickets needed
  • Additional information you want on your ticket


Within a few days of meeting, Ticket Central will design a ticket using the standardized ticket stock our office will supply, and will send it to you for review.

Once the proof is approved, Ticket Central will print the agreed upon number of tickets and notify you when the tickets are ready to be picked up. The process from start to finish should take about one week.

Note: No additional changes to the design will be made once the proof is approved.

Payment for services

Payment must be received before printed tickets can be released. Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. Campus organizations may also choose to pay using an InterDepartmental Transfer.

There is a $50 setup charge for every event. If, after reviewing your proof, you choose not to have your tickets printed by our office, the $50 set up charge will still apply.

Tickets are typically printed in increments of 200 (up to the capacity of Stewart Theatre)—and the charges are as follows (including tax):

Number of Tickets Cost to Organization
759 $155.82
600 $133.66
400 $105.77
200 $77.89


Note: This service was created for organizations selling general admission tickets. Occasionally, management may approve a reserved seating event for ticket printing. Additional charges will apply for events with reserved seating.

Sales tax: Your responsibility

Because you are choosing to sell your own tickets and collect your own revenue, you are responsible for assessing and remitting a 7.25% tax on every ticket to the state of North Carolina. Learn more about this law.